Frequently asked questions

Which services does Codept offer?

Codept connects e-tailers and logistics service providers with an SaaS logistics solution. Through the all-round, high-performance IT connection, we enable retailers to set up a perfect logistics or fulfilment network and logistics service providers to integrate new customers quickly and easily. Codept enables flexible and scalable fulfilment.

Who can use Codept's logistics software?

Codept is designed for both e-tailers who want to expand their fulfilment network and logistics service providers who want to connect new or additional merchants. Our interface can be connected to all shop- and warehousing systems.

How does Codept differ from logistics service providers?

Codept is a technology company that is fully focused on flexibility and scalability of warehousing and fulfilment services. We combine warehousing and fulfilment services with e-tailers. The big difference is that all existing IT systems can continue to operate. Codept is flexible and not proprietary. By using the Codept platform, we provide our customers with additional digital reporting functionalities, so that they always have transparency about their own logistics key figures and service level reports.

Our state-of-the-art solutions bring together logistics professionals with decades of experience in their industry with e-tailers who need high-performance and reliable logistics data for their products. The Codept platform standardises and harmonises all data and enables smooth cooperation and expansion of the respective networks. This enables us to offer a wide range of logistics service providers in order to always provide the optimal partner for the specific assortment - because every e-tailer is looking for the logistics provider whose warehouse processes match their own assortment, and logistics providers also prefer retailers who match their own warehouse structure.

How can I contact Codept?

You can reach us by e-mail at, by phone at 030 62939370 and by contact form.

How much does Codept cost?

The connection of dealers and logistics service providers to the respective systems is currently cost-intensive and time-consuming. The integration of Codept is efficient and less expensive than all other comparable offers known to us. The reasons for this are that we have an excellent knowledge of the processes, data and requirements and have gained enormous experience in integration. We pass these synergies on to our customers. Codept pays for itself quickly: Often, a new customer or an improvement in the retailer's logistics process leads to measurable economic success for Codept integration. The running costs depend on the transaction or shipment volume. Please contact us directly for a non-binding and free needs analysis.

Why Codept?

In addition to efficiency gains, digital features offer added value, such as our reporting dashboard, an automated early warning system for data anomalies. Dealers win by consulting and implementing tendering processes. On-top, they enjoy their work and a modern user interface, which increases motivation in the team. And last but not least, Codept saves retailers and logisticians the constant change and expansion of their IT processes.

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How does Codept work?

Codept standardises the data streams between different systems throughout the logistics chain with a high-performance API. This API allows you to connect different systems quickly and easily and enables you to work more quickly and in greater numbers with dealers without having to adapt your own IT processes. One example is the connection of the retailer's warehousing system and shop system. Via our interface you will then continue to receive the dealer's orders for execution and can immediately connect further customers.

Do I still have a direct contract with the merchant?

A direct customer relationship is always extremely important. We see it the same way. Therefore you will of course continue to have a direct contract with the respective merchants. With Codept, an interface usage contract for the use of our API will be concluded.

How does the Match-Making work?

Every e-tailer has its own supply chain requirements based on its product range. Vehicle batteries have different storage and transport requirements than organic food. Whether hazardous or frozen goods: we bring together logistics service providers and dealers with the appropriate specialisation. Codept suggests suitable preselected dealers to shop operators for cooperation. And logistics service providers also benefit from customers who match their own warehouse structures.

How does the automated early warning system work?

With constant data exchange, there is also constant monitoring and thus errors become visible. For example, the transferred data may be wrong or contradictory or even missing completely. Our fully automatic early warning system prevents this from leading to obstacles in the order processing and thus to difficulties in all processes.

The system continuously checks each individual product in an order and the current status of the data transfer. If the data is faulty or if a product has been in a status it should not be in for too long, our algorithm detects this immediately and issues a proactive warning. This can prevent expensive downtimes in the warehouse and delivery delays.

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How does Codept work?

Codept acts as a technical intermediary instance between your shop system and the respective logistics service providers. You only need to connect to the Codept API once and we take care of the connection to logistics service providers as you wish. This gives you flexibility and the opportunity to design your logistics processes more individually. In our web-based frontend all processes are presented in a clear way.

Which services does Codept offer?

Search - Connect - Optimise. In addition to the API interface between you and the logistics service provider, we are also happy to advise and take over the tendering processes for finding and comparing new logistics providers that are not yet part of our portfolio.

Which contracts will I have?

With Codept an interface usage contract is concluded for the use of our API. This contract regulates the pricing based on transactions and quantity. Furthermore, you will have a contract with the respective logistics service provider.