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Manage all micro-fulfilment centres through one platform.
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Top 5 Codept functions for your micro-fulfilment

Connect to all Micro-Fulfilment Centres (MFCs) via the Codept platform
Link all MFCs on one platform
Scalability of complex MFC networks and flexible use of MFCs according to configurable rules
Have new MFCs for the top sellers connected at any time and access Europe-wide warehouse locations
One dashboard for all logistics processes: Overview of order status and SLAs of items in all MFCs

Fulfilment Rules

Deploy your MFCs according to rules you create and easily configure them for your micro-fulfilment processes.
graphic showing fulfilment centers linking to logistics providersgraphic showing fulfilment centers linking to logistics providers
Codept also supports the last mile: Through the Codept platform you can connect an unlimited number of local last mile partners. As always with Codept: Full transparency and control are maintained.

Benefits for your micro-fulfilment

One-time integration

Access to a Europe-wide network of logistics service providers with automated MFCs.


Best possible fulfilment and fastest possible item delivery using MFCs and last mile partners.

Increase conversion increase

Shorter terms increase conversion by up to 20%.


Using local and climate-neutral CEP service providers for the last mile you ensure sustainability on the last mile.


Maintain an overview and minimise complexity with a central dashboard that creates an overview of all logistics processes of the MFCs.

Dispute management

Proactive dispute management improve SLA performance and prevents delivery delays.

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