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Simplifying tender management

Search, find and integrate the right service providers for fulfilment and last mile delivery with Codept’s tender management service; we know the right people for you!

Turn difficult tender processes into successful partnerships

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Save Time Tendering

Obtaining offers from logistics providers is laborious and time-consuming - Codept can relieve you from this pain!

Manage Outreach

Outsource the hassle of tender management engagement and streamline processes.

Find Your Match

Find the right providers for your demands to serve new markets, with access to specialised services and partners.

Hands Off Service

Rely on Codept's technical experience and industry expertise for tender management.

Integrate Providers

See options, obtain offers and integrate service providers smoothly into your systems.

Optimise Supply Chain

With support from tender management to integrating new logistics partners, Codept enhances your supply chain.

A tender management service that puts you in the driving seat

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Tender management consultancy you can trust

We have a deep understanding of the logistics industry and market demands. Leave us to find your perfect partner whilst you focus on what you do best.

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Codept for Etailers

Data-driven, market-leading fulfilment- and last mile services for ecommerce companies.
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Codept for Etailers

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Reduce time to money with quick customer onboarding to scale your fulfilment and last mile offering.
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Codept for 3PLs

Success with Codept

Case Study: batterium masters its Internationalization with Codept
Case Studies
batterium masters its Internationalisation with Codept
batterium masters its Internationalisation with Codept
FIEGE head office
Case Studies
Logistics Pioneer FIEGE Takes Vital Step Into the Future
Logistics Pioneer FIEGE Takes Vital Step Into the Future
Cloud illustration showing logistics process
Case Studies
Contorion Optimises Dropshipping with Codept
Contorion Optimises Dropshipping with Codept
MYC logo connected to the Codept platform
Case Studies
Codept helps MYCS connect rapidly with new logistics partners
Codept helps MYCS connect rapidly with new logistics partners