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With Codept you benefit from the advantages of dropshipping

With Codept, merchants find the best dropshipping partners and, with the Codept Integration Platform, you can rely on a fast, secure, and error-free data flow in the dropshipping process.
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This is how dropshipping works

Dropshipping enables you to offer products in your online shop without storing or shipping them yourselves. The manufacturers or wholesalers handle the storage, order picking and shipping.
Customer orders goods.
The merchant forwards the order information to the dropshipper.
Dropshipper produces or orders the goods and then delivers them directly to the customer.

The perfect strategy for many ecommerce merchants

Cheap: low personnel costs and no storage fees
Time-saving: focus on design, branding and marketing
Simple: expand product assortment without limits
Low risk: merchant does not remain stuck with unsold goods
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Where dropshipping is suitable:

Merchants who do not want to store goods themselves or who are constantly expanding their product assortment
Merchants of products that require a lot of storage space but are rarely ordered (e.g. large seasonal items)
Merchants of niche products

Your gateway to the best dropshippers

Expand your network

Codept connects new dropshippers for you - according to your needs. Build your dropshipper network continuously.

Error-free data flow

Prevent errors through fast and reliable order data transfer between manufacturers, wholesalers, online merchants and carriers.


The Codept dashboard provides an overview of your Dropshipper network and its performance.

Single connection

The one-time integration of the Codept platform for frictionless data transfer takes minimal time and resources.