Effortlessly onboard new merchants

Connect to hundreds of online retailers to reduce time to money.
Time savings per connection via our platform.
Saved in project costs - integrate once, integrate right!
Carriers readily available Europe-wide.

Codept links you to new business, connecting you to the stores you’re best placed to support

Bring your customers into one easy-to-use platform, streamlining integration processes.
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The integration platform of choice for smooth and scalable fulfilment and last mile services

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Remove unnecessary onboarding barriers – Codept’s one-time connection reduces time to money.
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Design more complex yet efficient last mile services with our flexible platform - with added value for your customer.
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Maximise uptime, find even marginal gains and experience consistent performance with regular system updates.
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Let us take care of basics so your IT team can focus on more strategic and stimulating projects.

Manage order deliveries to ensure products reach customers quickly and securely

Time to Money

Reduce the time from contract signature to revenue generation which creates a win-win for all parties involved.

Manage Bottlenecks

Free up your internal IT resources to enable them to focus on strategic projects.

New Sales Opportunities

Get in touch with new ecommerce customers looking for fulfilment- and last mile services in the regions you serve.

IT Simplicity 

Codept’s one-time connection means no more individual management of different platforms for each ecommerce store.


With Codept’s single connection you can streamline operations without even trying, allowing you to grow at pace.


Manage all your warehouse locations through our platform and have all your data well sorted.
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Grow your etailer customer base by establishing a robust integration platform that accelerates onboarding and simplifies processes.
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Connect new warehouse locations in different countries to fulfil orders faster and win more customers in the regions you serve.
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Automated error checking comes as standard. Configure custom rules and create standardised labels for order handling, shipping and returns.

Europe-wide logistics

Connect with etailers that need to reach customers in the areas you serve. With hundreds of etailers using the Codept platform, you can quickly build connections and grow your customer base.
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FAQs from 3PLs

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Codept standardises the data streams between different systems throughout the logistics chain with a high-performance API-driven platform. This platform allows you to connect different systems quickly and easily and enables you to work more quickly and in greater numbers with merchants without having to adapt your own IT processes. One example is the connection of the retailer's warehousing system and shop system. Via our interface you will then continue to receive the merchant's orders for execution and can immediately connect further customers.

A direct customer relationship is always very important. We also see it that way. That's why, of course, you still have a direct contract with the respective dealers. An interface usage agreement is concluded with Codept for the use of our platform.

Each etailer has its own supply chain requirements depending on the product range. Vehicle batteries have different storage and transport requirements than organic food. Whether hazardous goods or frozen goods: we bring together logistics service providers and retailers with the appropriate specialization. Codept suggests suitable, pre-selected logistics providers to online shop operators for cooperation. And logistics service providers also benefit from customers who fit their own storage structures.

With constant data exchange, there is also constant monitoring and thus errors become visible. For example, the transferred data may be wrong or contradictory or even missing completely. Our fully automatic early warning system prevents this from leading to obstacles in the order processing and thus to difficulties in all processes. 

The system continuously checks each individual product in an order and the current status of the data transfer. If the data is faulty or if a product has been in a status it should not be in for too long, our algorithm detects this immediately and issues a proactive warning. This can prevent expensive downtimes in the warehouse and delivery delays.