Jun 2022

New collaboration between PARCEL.ONE and Codept: Flexible cross-border logistics via one platform

International online retail - more complex than you imagine

Many e-tailers are still hesitant to outsource fulfilment to 3rd party logistics providers. Giving up control over essential business operations can be daunting. But running your own logistics operations means investment in warehouse facilities and managing a myriad of warehousing processes. Further growth increases complexity, and managing everything from incoming goods, to picking optimally and shipping reliably requires a lot of overhead. Nevertheless, international business operations require merchants to ship goods globally. Therefore, many merchants need to rely on expert logistic providers, e.g., cross-border shipping. Why? International shipping is complex and regulatory issues may arise in transit. The challenge is finding and connecting the provider that suits your logistics needs.


Cross-border logistics with PARCEL.ONE

Founded in 2017, PARCEL.ONE is a globally operating logistics company specialised in B2C cross-border shipping, D2C letter and parcel deliveries. Pohlheim, their German location, processes shipments and returns by 1,000+ EU and non-EU shippers on 12,000 m2. For each individual consignment, the best possible combi­nation of over 400,000+ shipping combinations is selected after the geodata has been recorded. The optimal delivery service provider is determined from 45+ connected last mile carriers or networks, and the freight is handed over to one of them. PARCEL.ONE collaborates with multiple globally operating logistics providers. Small firms especially gain from working with PARCEL.ONE when expanding their business to new locations and markets. Its cross-border logistics know-how helps SMEs to handle complex shipping processes and ensures a good customer experience.  


Why do Codept and PARCEL.ONE cooperate?

Codept and PARCEL.ONE got to know each other at different workshops or events. These in-person meetings forged a relationship of professional cooperation and personal trust. 

Since the focus of PARCEL.ONE is to gain customers that aim to ship globally, which means that processes, especially transferring data between different carriers, become more complex. All customers, using PARCEL.ONE’s services, firstly need to connect to its system to benefit from the complete solution. Therefore, PARCEL.ONE aimed to create an easy and efficient customer experience for these customers and thus looked for a reliable partner to offer customised technical integration that frees up valuable work time for their customers. PARCEL.ONE recognised Codept as a company with the required software and industry expertise to support quick customer onboarding and optimise data flows.

Vice versa, for Codept, PARCEL.ONE proved to be a strategically important partner due to increasingly complex demands by their e-commerce merchants. Many of them are selling products that need to be handled with care, which are especially difficult and costly to transport across borders — the PARCEL.ONE integration enables Codept’s customers to ship their products at reasonable costs globally because the integrated carriers offer flexible and easy worldwide delivery. In addition, 3PLs can extend their fulfilment services to cross-border logistics when using PARCEL.ONE via Codept’s platform.


What did the integration process look like?

Codept and PARCEL.ONE look back at a smooth integration process. Since responsiveness is one of Codept’s core working values, it provided detailed answers and advice during the entire process, making the implementation more comfortable and easier. 

The integration process: Connecting Codept and PARCEL.ONE:

1. Define requirements and expected outcomes → easier to make minor adjustments in the process.

2. Codept and PARCEL.ONE share know-how and give feedback to improve the existing interface → open and efficient communication → faster iterations.

3. Realisation

4. Testing different submitted orders and making adjustments to the API if needed.

5. Go Live → launching the new API and adapting to the adjusted documentation process in May 2022. Codept connects PARCEL.ONE to the Codept platform.

How does Codept support PARCEL.ONE’s cross-border logistics?

Codept supports PARCEL.ONE by integrating their customers through the Codept logistics platform quick and easy. They also share essential technological and logistics insights. This enables PARCEL.ONE to offer another API, additional system integrations and better technical documentation. Based on a variety of complex test cases, Codept and PARCEL.ONE were able to jointly create a solution that will make their customers’ lives a breeze. PARCEL.ONE’s customers can either be integrated via their own API or connect via Codept’s platform. With Codept PARCEL.ONE can handle even specific customer onboarding requirements. That way, PARCEL.ONE improves its customer experience using Codept’s logistics and IT know-how. Additionally, Codept introduced PARCEL.ONE to different merchants already using the Codept platform and helped PARCEL.ONE to generate more leads for their business. 


Main Take-Aways:

  • PARCEL.ONE can now offer more Shop & ERP Systems out-of-the-box. New customers can be onboarded faster and PARCEL.ONE needs fewer IT resources when using the dynamic API supported by Codept.      
  • PARCEL.ONE can view and manage all its order process data via one platform.
  • With Codept’s expertise, PARCEL.ONE managed to improve its existing documentation.
  • PARCEL.ONE managed to expand its customer pool and offer its services to a broader range of globally operating companies. Codept takes the role of a lead engine.

Learn more about the collaboration between Codept and PARCEL.ONE and how e-commerce companies and 3PLs can benefit from it in our upcoming Webinar. Register now!